Industry News — December 28, 2010 at 8:53 AM

SAVE Nürburgring: The Automotive Mecca


Nürburgring is a place for all automotive gurus to lay the law down and bust the best times on their beastly machines,  Also a place for automotive manufactures to lay bragging rights down on the times they have set.   The guys over at have started a internet campaign to stop a failed local leisure park from making the ring responsible for its losses.  Here is a recap from their website as they seem to have this nonsense under control.

Why “Save The Nurburgring”?

From 2007 – 2009 the German government built a huge Leisure Park at the Nürburgring. It is based on fake visitor numbers,oversized and badly executed. Most of the time it is an empty ghost town. Once promised as private investment, it is now based on a debt of 350+ million EUR public money.

Instead of pulling the plug they rented the park – including both race tracks – to exactly the same privateers (Kai Richter,Jörg Lindner), who were driving forces behind the Leisure Park’s initial private setup.

Without Racing experience they are since experimenting with events completely unrelated to Motorsport (German Volksmusik for example, another one here) – all under the iconic “Nürburgring” brand name.

They now want Nordschleife to pay for the huge losses of “NüroDisney”: record prices and bundled packages for tourist drives plus a 5 times increase for the automotive industry in rent for their prototype testing sessions.

What needs to be done?

  • Seperate Nordschleife from ring°park.
  • Let Nürburgring be Motorsport.
  • Value the great heritage and tradition, rather than Roller Coasters.
  • Replace Lindner/Richter by Motorsport experts.

How can you help to Save The Ring?

  • Tell your friends and spread the word, join us on Facebook.
  • Keep yourself informed and question the official Nürburgring (= Lindner/Richter) communication.
  • Write to European Commissioner Joaquín Almunia (joaquin.almunia [at]
  • When visiting the Ring, support local family businesses.
  • Help to raise our voice, contribute ideas and actions, let’s save the ‘Ring!